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Some comments from past students:

Island Health College offers variety in subjects and flexibility in learning. With a broad mix of subjects, tutors that are practitioners, efficient staff and diversity in students, Island Health College teaches you more than Massage and Reflexology - you learn about the world of Natural Therapies and you learn about yourself! Within 12 months of starting my study, I had my own business thanks to the skills and confidence that I gained at Island Health College.

Heather Christian, Hobart
Diploma of Remedial Massage

I had the privilege of becoming a student of the Island Health College in the February 2005 intake, obtaining my Diploma of Remedial Massage in May 2006.

I had previously worked in the health care system as a Registered Nurse, so had lots of experience in undergoing courses in health-related subjects. What I learned at the College, however opened up for me whole new insights into human health and approaches to treatment, which greatly expanded my previous understanding.

I was impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of the administrative and tutorial staff who fostered a student-friendly environment and a curriculum well designed to prepare us for our new careers.

Geoff Downes, Hobart
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Diploma of Reflexology

Having commenced studying massage at another large private college on the mainland, I was delighted to find the Island Health College to complete my studies. This College is small enough to give lots of individual attention and the owners and staff have a very caring attitude towards their students. They gave me support, guidance, reassurance and encouragement the whole way through.

They were considerate towards my requests for Recognition of Prior Learning and demonstrated flexibility in their assessment approach whilst still adhering to College guidelines.

Having completed my Certificate IV in Massage with the Island Health College at the end of 2003, I started up my own part-time private practice both from home and then in commercial premises I leased in Sandy Bay.

In June 2003 I had enough clients to support myself in a full-time practice, working 5 days a week!

Thank you to Island Health College and all the wonderful trainers I had - I couldn't have done it without you!

Mandy Huppert
Diploma of Remedial Massage

My name is Spencer Wood and I would like to acknowledge the Island Health College for their outstanding professionalism at the teaching centre.

My journey began 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, a severe back problem. A specialist recommended that I swim, exercise and have regular massages. I have had massages every week which led to a major improvement in my health and wellbeing and helped me avoid having major surgery.

I initially attended the Island Health College in 2006 to learn the basic skills of massage but I was so impressed by what I learnt that I continued on to complete my Certificate IV in Massage and very soon I will have obtained my Diploma of Remedial Massage.

My time at the College has been enjoyable. The whole organisation from management and staff to the students are all so loving, caring and devoted people who have helped change my outlook on life. I was a top Real Estate Consultant in Tasmania for 20 years but I have now decided to dedicate my future career to helping others through the benefits of massage.

I am starting to practice from home and I envisage establishing a first class natural therapies clinic in the near future. I am very passionate about my new career and love passing on my new found knowledge to others.

I have the highest praise for the Island Health College. Their professional guidance in learning the finer points of massage techniques has been an invaluable learning experience. I have also gained business and managerial skills along the way besides learning a phenomenal amount on human anatomy.

I would highly recommend the courses to other interested students who may wish to start or change career into this exciting world of massage therapy.

Spencer Wood, Hobart
Diploma of Remedial Massage

My name is Gaye Webb. I completed my Reflexology Diploma at Island Health College back in 2000. My course was comprehensive and taught me the skills I needed for hands on work as well as giving me an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the body. I had done a lot of smaller courses over the years but didn't have a thorough understanding of the body until I completed my Diploma, and the hard work paid off by giving me a real confidence in my abilities.

The Diploma course also taught me business skills and the elective courses helped to broaden my mind on the therapies that complement refelexology.

Since completing my Diploma of Reflexology I was confident enough to find suitable rooms and open my own clinic. I have been building a successful Reflexology and Massage clinic for the past three years in North Hobart and have not regretted one moment of it.

Working in the healing industry is very rewarding. With the proper marketing skills and persistent attitudes, you can find a niche that is waiting to be explored. Natural Therapies are becoming more sought after each year. People are finding reflexology and massage a necessary addition to their stressful lives and there are a lot of stressed people out there.

If you have a desire to help people then the healing industry needs you.

Gaye Webb
Diploma of Reflexology

My experience at Island Health College as someone completely new to the Massage field was one of support and encouragement. Tutors are experienced and have been there and done that. After the initial 'I can't do this fear', I enjoyed the course, especially the practical side. Having Tutors with different passions and fields of expertise greatly enhanced my learning experience.

A great place to learn a new career and grow yourself.

Peter Hoskinson, Hobart
Diploma of Remedial Massage

"I found an excellent place to study, Island Health College.   Here I was so excited to learn how the structures and systems of the body worked.  I was also instructed in the skills of Western Swedish and Remedial massage. 

TRUONG thi Thu Ha

Diploma of Remedial Massage

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